Forestwood Residences City Developments Limited

What is Forestwood Residences? Forestwood Residences is a condominium development that is located in District 19. It is a 99 year lease-hold place that is currently being developed by the development called City Developments Limited or CDL for short. City Developments Limited is the developer who did win the bid for the Lorong Lew Lian site.

Forestwood Residences City Developments

There are plans that are in the works for the landscape building that will be known as Forestwood Residences. Forestwood Residences are a perfect residence choice because? The answer here is very simple and clear. This unique condo development site is filled with lots of wonderful amenities and other things that do make it a top of the line living space. Forestwood Residence is a home away from home and designed for people of all ages. What does this mean? It means what it means. If you get one of the condo units for this new development under construction, you will be living a great life, which will be filled with lots of very real benefits that are only known to Forestwood exclusively.

Forestwood Residences Upper Serangoon Road

Forestwood Residences is more than just another condo unit development. It is a condo community that encourages lots of wonderful home life and sharing good times with family and friends. The amenities, which it will have, do include a swimming pool to promote relaxation and freedom from stress. The very same thing can be said about a tennis court and plans that are about an indoor/outdoor gym.

City Developments Forestwoods Residences

What is also great about Forestwood Residences is the fact that it will be close to everything. What is this everything? This awesome condo development site will be very close in distance to Nex Shopping Centre. It will also be close to an inter-change bus place to catch buses for traveling purposes. Some of the other perks of Forestwood Residences is all about some very fine eateries that are located in Upper Serangoon Road.

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