Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

The Clementi Mall is a six-story, 191,000 square foot shopping center in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of products for purchase. You will find everything to suit your shopping needs, from groceries to library books. Food concessions are available if you want to sit and grab a bite to eat. Public transportation services are nearby and the mall is located right in the center of town. There are condominium complexes nearby that you can walk or bicycle from.

Parc Riviera Clementi Mall

Transportation is not an issue with guests of the Clementi Mall. It is easily accessible with the MRT station in Clementi and the bus interchange both nearby. There is also a carpark available in the mall basement for those that choose to drive.

The stores and all facilities in the mall are kept nice and clean. In 2014, the Clementi Mall was awarded the National Environment Agency’s Clean, Dry & Sparkling Public Toilets Award.

Parc Riviera EL Development Condo

A wide variety of products and stores are available in the Clementi Mall. You can find all your shoe and sneakers needs at Skechers World Famous, Rubi Shoes, and Hush Puppies. All types of clothing at Parc Riviera EL Development and accessories can be found at Top Wear and Young Hearts. There are six separate jewelry stores. You can find books, gifted, electronics and much more in this shopping center.

Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

There is a supermarket to meet all your grocery needs. The Food Court offers different types of foods, including McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway restaurants. There are many options for snacks, including Famous Amos and Baskin Robbins. If you feel the need for caffeine, stop by the Starbucks.

The Clementi Public Library and post office are also housed in this gigantic mall. There are several bank and atm services available for all your banking needs. For children, there are two learning centers available for Parc Riviera.

The Clementi mall is in the center of town, which offers convenience. They offer a vast array of products and services to meet everyone’s needs. This is definitely what I would call a one-stop shopping experience.

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