Jui Residences City Fringe Freehold Development

Jui Residences is luxurious residential development located along Serangoon road, District 12 Potong Pasir in Singapore. The establishment was done on a freehold tenure. This residence is found on a land that was formerly owned by Aerated Water Company which left the land idle after ceasing its operations in the 90’s. Jui Residences city fringe condo is located at 1177 Serangoon Road by Selangor Dredging Berhad. It is the former National Aerated Water Company. Famous eateries located around the Punggol and Sengkang area include the kampung salt chicken which is very famous. The salt chicken is one of singapore’s local dishes.

Jui Residences City Fringe Freehold Development

The once idle land has now turned into a residential place full of luxurious condominiums and high-quality amenities. The condominiums are uniquely designed with luxurious floor rooms. The designing plans are available at their website. The place is also spacious, with the social amenities of the place well placed to serve every resident.

Jui Residences provide its dwellers with a wide range of social facilities ranging from education. At these residences, schools like the St Andrew’s Junior College and the Cedar Girl’s Secondary School which are located just nearby avail educational facilities for the dwellers. The residence is also located close to major shopping centers, as well as many eateries. The Poiz centre and Venue shops are just some of the centers located here which offer a great one stop shopping experience for the residents.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo at Serangoon

The residence also provides a wide variety of fun facilities like the swimming pools where residents can have fun anytime, not to mention plenty of clubhouses around where people can host parties or make any kind of fun anytime. There are indoor gyms available here and also tennis courts for the tennis lovers. At Jui Residences condo, children are able to enjoy themselves at the playgrounds specifically made for them. There are also function rooms where official meetings can be held so it is also an ideal residence for those in the corporate sector.

Jui Residences Condo SDB

Jui Residences city fringe condo offers the favorable environment for raising up a family with its wide variety of facilities. To start with, the place boasts a cool environment favorable for any family to settle. The availability of playgrounds for the children also offers some comfort to the kids grow over here. The residence has schools nearby which enables the children growing here to access education and the location of this residence which is at the quiet and serene corners of Serangoon which makes this place ideal for leading a private family lifestyle.

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