Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa Hougang Mall

When a thought of living in a secluded but peaceful place, you should put Riverside into consideration. Ranked among the fastest growing regions, Riverside city has realized a boon in real estate sector to an extent of attracting the attention of stylish and elite occupants. Among the features that residents stand to enjoy include free-flowing traffic, conducive climate, picturesque environment, and equitably distributed and well-maintained amenities such as bars, restaurants, museums, libraries, public halls, parks, hospitals, and learning institutions among others. For sure, this is a place to be.

Riverfront Residence Former Rio Casa Enbloc

What is more, the Riverside Residences boast of Hougang Mall that is situated just adjacent to the MRT Station. Inside the mall, varieties of food types are available. In 2006, the mall was refurbished to make it more attractive to family members. During the renovation, a children’s playground was developed making the place a choice for parents looking for a place to have their kids enjoy the weekends. Moreover, modern facilities targeting the trendy and young people are available, namely, Subway and KFC. Riverfront Residences has many site and floor plans that are available for different family sizes. The site plan consist of many facilities and the floor plans consist of uniquely designed and spaces which are designed for maximum space.

Riverfront Residences Site and Floor Plans Different Layouts

Another important aspect about Riverside Residences is the continuous river and exclusive waterfront views. The Lian Beng Venture will offer tenants a cool 200 meters of riverfront in addition to quick access to transports facilities by either bus or train. Without a doubt, the locale is perfect for investment and building a home.

Riverfront Residences Lian Beng KSH Development

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that prominent investment companies such as Lian Beng, Oxley, and KSH Development have vested interest in this area. This translates to high-end developments and entry of other key investment firms as they aim to rake in humongous profits from sales of these properties. In fact, there is a plan to build a special facility encompassing the greenery sceneries of the Upper Serangoon and Sungei Serangoon areas. Such developments will present a multitude of living options that will raise the ranking of Riverside at the expense of other places.

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